About Via Hope

Via Hope works to transform the Texas mental health system into one that fosters resilience, promotes recovery, and is person, youth, and family driven. Initially created as part of the Texas Mental Health Transformation Project in 2009, Via Hope currently partners with mental health professionals and organizations throughout the state. In addition to training and certification for certified family partners and certified peer specialists, Via Hope provides a variety of programs that target organizational change. For more information about these programs, visit viahope.org.


Dennis Jackson 

Dennis H. Bach, MPA, is Executive Director of Mental Health Resource of Texas (MHRT), the nonprofit corporation doing business as Via Hope. Mr. Bach has over 30 years of experience in state government, nonprofit, and private enterprise management. He served as Via Hope's program director from the time it was created in 2009 until 2014, when he moved into his current position.
Anna Jackson 

Anna K. Jackson, MSSW, is the former Deputy Director of MHRT/Via Hope and founder of Alpinista Consulting, a key MHRT partner. Ms. Jackson has 10 years of experience in mental healthcare, collaborative learning approaches, youth engagement, and program development. She has been instrumental in guiding the development of Via Hope's programs, particularly system transformation and workforce integration initiatives in the Via Hope Recovery Institute.
Amanda Bowman

Amanda Bowman, LCSW, serves as Unit Manager for person-centered recovery planning (PCRP) at Via Hope. Ms. Bowman provides clinical training, coaching, and implementation support for the PCRP project. Previously, she worked at Austin State Hospital (ASH) as Director of Social Work & Admission Coordinator. Her work integrating person-centered principles as a clinical supervisor, PCRP coach, and member of the hospital's Recovery Implementation Committee provides a solid foundation for dissemination of PCRP statewide.

Our Partners


Texas Department of State Health Services’ Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division is the primary funder of this project. The Division, whose vision is “Hope, Resilience and Recovery for Everyone,” administers mental health and substance abuse programs and contracts in Texas.
Hogg Foundation

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health, a champion of mental health innovation, provides funding on a variety of workforce development initiatives including peer specialist training and certification.

The University of Texas at Austin Center for Social Work Research and the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health works to enhance the development of resilience and recovery-oriented practices throughout the state and evaluates local and statewide efforts to improve services to Texans with mental health challenges. This group provides evaluation expertise and serves as the evaluator of this project.
Yale program for recovery and community health   

Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health is a national leader in development and implementation of recovery-oriented practices. Its members have contributed extensively to this project.

Alipar, Inc. is a behavioral health consulting firm committed to improving organizational performance and person-centered care. This group provides consultation on the person-centered planning aspects of this project.

3C Institute 

3C Institute creates and delivers research-supported, evidence-based programs and services that promote positive social, emotional, and mental health. The three Cs stand for communication, cooperation, and confidence—three essential skills for building and maintaining healthy relationships.